How it works ?

Tik-tok is an emerging and trending application where people can share their perception into video and make the other happy,sad,emotional and angry.

By using shotside downloader website, viewers can download the video from the shortside website without installing any application.

Just need to be follow the procedure which has been mention below:-

Step 1:

Copy the URL from the tik-tok application.

Step 2:

Open our website and paste the video URL and search.

Step 3:

Now, you all need to do is press the download button to save the video.

Step 4:

Now! The Video is ready to play.

By using our website, You can download any video from tiktok for free and it's 100% secure and safe and trusted.

Note: Please note that downloading video from our website is for personal use only, you are not allowed to the download video for any commercial use without getting permission from the owner.